FINALLY — The Last CompTIA A+ Brain Dump You Will Ever Need

Somebody recently asked me this on Quora,

Where is the best place to download the most recent CompTIA A+ brain dump?”.

I had to share the answer here.

The answer: don’t.

Why? Because CompTIA considers this cheating. And cheating, my dear friends, can get your certification revoked.

Don’t believe me? Here are some excerpts from the CompTIA candidate agreement.

Under section 4: Candidate Conduct Policy: You will not participate in…

Seeking and/or obtaining unauthorized access to examination materials (this includes using braindump material and/or any unauthorized publication of Exam questions with or without answers)

So what does CompTIA say will happen if you are caught doing so?

Under section 7: Violations

Any candidate determined by CompTIA to have violated the terms of this Agreement or diminished the security and integrity of CompTIA’s Certification Program in any way shall, if determined necessary or appropriate by CompTIA based upon the seriousness of the incident or violation:

(a) have the CompTIA certification for the applicable examination revoked, if such certification was previously granted by CompTIA

The policy continues on and gets pretty nasty -to the point of even revoking all other previously granted CompTIA certifications.

So there you have it.

Did I use a clickbait title to get you here? You’re darn right I did.

I did that because I genuinely care and want to help you understand the urgency in this: brain dumps are not worth getting your certification revoked.

I sincerely hope you found this answer helpful. Be sure to share this with other friends.

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Hey everyone, Vince here.

I’m breaking off from the normal study notes to share something that you can use today.

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